Grazie Mille – Italian inspiration,

so how did it all start?

The story of the Grazie Mille chain and the previously friendly restaurant Desperados Dębki began with the founders’ fascination with Italian cuisine. Italian specialties took by storm the hearts and palates of the Polish family and inspired them to a great culinary adventure. In 1996, the Desperados restaurant was founded in Dębki, in the beautiful coastal landscape, where guests have been enjoying the various flavors of Italian cuisine for over 25 years. Common feasting in the summer season (June-September) is favored by the cozy interior of the restaurant, soft music and a professional team of staff.

Grazie Mille Bistro

is a guarantee of delicious dishes, snacks and desserts according to Italian recipes, served in a friendly interior. Professional service and romantic background music are the perfect introduction to the celebration of any meal, whether it is a romantic dinner, a gathering with the family or a business lunch. Guests of the restaurant can choose from delicious a’la carte dishes of Italian cuisine and enjoy them.