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Italian. Original. Delicious.

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Grazie Mille – a real ITALIAN PIZZA

Grazie Mille

Everything started over 25 years ago,

when the restaurant Desperados Dębki, specializing in Italian cuisine, was founded in Dębki, a small tourist town by the sea. Over the years, father and daughter – great lovers of Italian cuisine – have created a recognizable brand in the region and won the hearts of tourists from all over Poland and abroad. In 2021, it is time for a new challenge, namely the birth of the Grazie Mille chain, which cultivates a great passion for Italian cuisine. The Italian-sounding brand is gradually putting itself on the map of the Tricity thanks to high culinary and esthetic standards and the ability to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The Grazie Mille brand is an independent project based on the rich and long experience.

Dynamically growing

the Grazie Mille chain

Promotes Italy’s culinary diversity and incredible ability to celebrate meals. The staff of all the establishments put a lot of effort and heart to meet the expectations of each guest. We invite you to taste the Italian flavors in our establishments in the Tri-City at the following addresses:

Grazie Mille Bistro – Przymorze
4d Obrońców Wybrzeża Street, 80-398 Gdańsk

Experience comes from passion Love arises from passion And from love, something beautiful is born

Experience on which we have built a recognisable and appreciated brand that can be proud of a good reputation and a friendly atmosphere Our 25-year passion for cooking carries over from the seasonal Desperados Dębki boards to Gdańsk. The love of food – both eating and creating – has led to a fantastic sense of taste, aesthetics and the selection of the highest quality ingredients The beauty of our cuisine is the absence of half-measures – we do not tolerate “good enough” products – with us everything is as it should be. Italian. Original. Delicious. And we profess it with all our heart Grazie Mille


Great opening in Przymorze

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Grand opening of the Grazie Mille Pizza Express Przymorze point! Dear guests, We are pleased to announce that from today (Saturday 27/03) from 12:00 the door of Grazie Mille Pizza…